Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shamrock V Crew Signatures.

I am not sure what these signatures are written on and T.J. Pengelly is not sure the quality is not good as it is just a snapshot if you click to enlarge you can see the entries more clearly I have marked some of them.

Smoker with other crew members

I think the crew member to the left of Smoker is A.J. Pengelly.
Terry, T.J. Pengelly now 79 told me that there are such a lot of Pengelly's that they addressed them by their initials, and he went on to say that in Looe, Cornwall as a young man you could not go straight onto the fishing boats as mate, T.J. said that you had to serve time as an apprentice first, quite a good idea.

Shamrock V, Crew

The crew of "Shamrock V" bar two.
I discovered on the signatures photo a further name, one Harry Harman, I knew of a John Harman a Whitstable Native before emigrating to Sidney, Canada B.C. but is in touch with Whitstable via a mutual website "Simply Whitstable" administrated by Dave Taylor who kindly passed on my email address I asked if he knew a Harry Harman and he replied that he did and that it was in fact his cousin, so we now know the three crew who sailed to America and hailed from Whitstable in 1930 as Sidney "Smoker" Stroud his brother
"Skipper" Stroud, and Harry Harman now the record is straight. There is to be further delving into this interesting tale, I am to visit with Terry Pengelly in the spring as he has a diary that A.J.Pengelly kept relating to the voyage I have been given permission to publish this fascinating piece of social history.

NYYC Shore Station.

This is the New York Yacht Clubs yacht station the club house is much more imposing.
this is from my collection.


Sir Thomas Lipton's Yacht "shamrock V"

America's J-Class "Enterprise"

This picture portrays the American J-Class Yacht "Enterprise" crossing the finish line.

Dinner at the Hotel Belvedere.

This is the dinner that was afforded to the crew of Shamrock V, although they did not have much to celebrate having been trounced 4-0 by America's Enterprise.