Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Game Cock a well known Whitstable Oyster Smack.

The Game Cock F76 was originally built for Ernest Stroud and launched 14th June 1907.
Game Cock is leaning against the Whitstable Harbour quayside and in the distance is my yacht "Wildlife" left of the post, a westerly Nomad bilge keeler I sailed down for a few days and eventually went on to Ramsgate, this trip made a change from the east coast. Taken about five years ago.

And again left is the Game Cock now fully restored going out to her mooring off Whitstable same date as above.

Shamrock V, sails nicely set.

Shamrock V a modern day shot she is now fully restored to her former glory and here she seems to be sporting a hell of a lot more crew than she had in her 1930 challenge (22) in the US against "Enterprise" enterprise was the new innovation as to the construction her frame was aluminium as was her hull making her about one third lighter than Shamrock V. thus heralding a new breed of Yachts.