Tuesday, November 4, 2008

King George V's Yacht 'BRITANNIA'

King George the Fifth loved his yacht and yacht racing, hardly ever missing a race, the regatta's were held at the main resorts along the south coast and Royal Cowes, the home of English big yacht racing, but occasionally the east coast and Southend would be venue's. Britannia was a very successful competitor in the twenties and thirties people would turn out in there hundreds to watch the stars of the show the 40 metre class which is what the Kings yacht was until she was altered to conform with J-Class specifications the the king could now compete against the other J-Class yachts. An interesting point is that the king would not have a J on his sail denoting his class he insisted on having a K he argued because that is what I am King, the Royal Yacht Squadron allowed the K on his sail and read K1.
Above is a picture from my collection King George V at the helm of his beloved yacht and opposite the nearest yacht is Britannia, you will perhaps note that at this time she is Gaff rigged later she converted to Bermudan rig a much more efficient sail plan when racing.

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